Share Your Talent

If a person is successful and wealthy, it is not necessarily because of luck. Most of the time, it is the talent which plays an important role. The fact is that each individual has some natural talent. It is not about specific talent, it is about the finest fabric of personality dimensions that make you.A Unique YOU.

The big question is“Have you got an opportunity to showcase your talent/skill”?

If not, don’t worry. Schoolywood has the scope of providing a platform to all those who believe that theydo have a talent. So here we are, to give you an opportunity to express yourself at schoolywood.

Yes we are open for all those enthusiastic people who want to do something unique in life. People with dreams are welcome here. Before reaching  us kindly identify your talent , practice it continuously, document it and send us the video, photographs and write ups.

Fresher are welcome to attend training workshops.

Interested talented individuals may send their basic details to

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