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  1. Role of IT in Business Development
  2. Role of Social Media in your life
  3. Impact of Product Advertisements on your mind-set / Buying
  4. What is important Product / Price /Value / actors / Quality/ Fame ?
  5. Do you really need what you Buy? Plan your Shopping
  6. Offline and Online Today’s Generation – Digital Addiction ?
  7. Importance and Role of Image ads / Text Info /Audio Visuals on your buying decision and Habit
  8. Life Style Diseases and solutions
  9. Deadly pesticides, chemicals in your daily vegetables and diseases – A Problem
  10. You have to pay either to 5-star hospitals or to Organic Farming – Choice is yours

Note :
👉🏻 Language : English / Hindi
👉🏻 Minimum 600 words per article
👉🏻 No copied content (We will scan it with smart tools)
👉🏻 Paid articles will not get any sort of credentials and or benefits
👉🏻 Unpaid articles will get full credit at the end of the article
👉🏻 Please check grammar/spelling mistakes before sending (Grammarly software)

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