99 % education system and mechanism is focused on providing education and developing skills. This leads an individual to employment and thus he /she initiates their career.

It means the system is career oriented not character.

Many Celebrities, Politicians, Businessmen, Educationalist, IAS, IPS, Doctors, CA, Engineers, Religious heads (Gurus) etc. are in news and few are behind the bars also.

90% of them are well educated.

I have excluded struggling actors / actresses, party workers, small business owners, teachers, administration staff, policemen, compounders etc. because they are following superiors.

Many are smart so they go to UK once caught.

Bottom line is Blaming them is not a solution because our education system is not designed to contribute in ethics, high morals, life values etc. We are investing in making careers and not character.

It is my humble request and appeal to all those to join schoolywood, who strongly believe that “Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success”.

We need responsible, well cultured and productive youth to build NATION.

Kishor C. Dubey

(Founder & Promoter)

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