How SchoolyWood Help ?

Schoolywood (Execution of modules)

We have designed customized solutions for different age group. Our modules will engage each and every student of standard 5th to 12th.Process is very simple and easy going, thus any school can integrate it in regular schedule.
We initiate this module with school and parents and not with students. Whole module is based on strong bonding between parents, teachers and our team.
Once we 3 are set then our experienced and specialized team members introduces it to students. We execute it in such a way that the students enjoy it and unknowingly become part of it.

First phase of this process need…

  • Presentation for School management

  • Seminar for teaching staff (Complimentary)

  • Parenting seminar (Complimentary)

  • Introduction Seminar for students (Complimentary)

Once the school decides to include module as value education, our team initiates the project.

Second Phase

  • Interacting with students (45 min)

  • Making groups and assigning topics (approved by Management) (45 min)

  • Presentation by Students (45 min)

  • Soft skill sessions (45 min)


Third Phase

  • Presentations by students (45 min)

  • Group discussions (45 min)

  • Selection of Group leader (45 min)

  • Soft skill sessions (45 min)

  • Story writing by students

  • Reviewing stories written by students by our team and other professionals

  • Rewriting the stories to improvise it by our team and specialists.


Forth Phase

  • Casting and allocating dialogues to students

  • Practice sessions (3 hours)

  • Workshop on expressing the thoughts (45 min)


Fifth Phase

  • Shooting of film

  • Voice Recording

  • Raw film submission to management for approval

  • Final editing and submitting complete film to school


Sixth Phase

  • Showing film in open forum (Assembly) at school

  • Students will then start sharing film via social media throughout globe.

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