Garbh Sanskar Training In Vadodara

Garbh Sanskar Training In Vadodara

3 Date of Birth!!!

We all have 3 Dates of Birth!!!

1st DOB : When a couple think of having a baby.

2nd DOB : When a mother conceives a baby

3rd DOB : When a mother delivers a baby.

Science between these 3 DOB is known as Garbh Sanskar / Prenatal-natal- Perinatal.


Vedas has given complete information about Garbh Sanskar / Antenatal and perinatal. Moreover research has

proven and modern science has accepted that Fetus in the womb can smell, can understand, can learn, can

hear sounds, can see light, can catch emotions, and can react to peripheral and inner motivations….

YES it is 100% true

We have choice in many things like Designer apparels. Hair style, Shoes, Cars, Bike, House, Office, Jewelry,

Food and so on… YES we hire interior designer, Hair stylist, Fashion designer and what not. We do this to get

customized, personalized and unique life style, look and products.

Then why don’t we design child?

Yes you can design your desired baby!!!

YES we can act like we have a menu card from which we can choose the characteristics, habits, behavior,

beauty, brain, intelligence level etc for our child. We can select what we want in our child. Yes designer Child.

Our experts guide you step by step throughout the process. Many couples had experienced this amazing

science and are happy parents today. This process has led to normal delivery also. In addition Parenting has

become fun filled and enjoyable.

Things and life styles can be replaced or altered but what about your baby?

15 well designed Garbh Sanskar sessions by our expert team will present you an essential and wonderful

experience of a life time, for a lifetime.

These are your personal moments and information, thus we fully assure you about confidentiality and

secrecy. After all we are also Parents and strictly maintain professional ethics.

Call us or write us now to have desired and designer baby.

Garbh Sanskar Training In Vadodara

Garbhsanskar training in Vadodara

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