Digital Dieting and Digital Detoxing

At schoolywood by digital detox we mean a momentary stoppage or a pause of use of devices like smartphones, play stations, and computers.

You might resist the very idea; you may go to an extent of saying that it is a flash from insane mind!
You will say if we can live without air or water, we can live without digitization. In other words you may call it essential, very essential, even indispensable. True, digitization is a great tool, method, aid & a means of making our lives easy, hassle free, saving lot of energy, time, efforts etc. you ask for a drop of water- you get a whole glassful. You ask for some food & you get inexhaustible amount of food stuff!

Still I however would like to maintain that that it might prove a nuisance! True, it is helpful but it can be potentially harmful!I shall quote an example to convince you, inform you about the need of ( at least for a short period of time) detoxification of digitization.

You know how a bum rang (Australian weapon) works? This is/was used by aboriginals & when used it hits the target & returns to the master. Now what would you say if does hit the target, returns too but injures the master? Unacceptable, isn’t it?

Same thing here, Man devised digitization. Digitalization does wonders but at the same time it may cause inconvenience to human race. Digitization harms human race. Like a robot who’s supposed to be our slave grossly misbehaves!

Would you believe if I say that the deer jump like enhancement in the technology field, praised & believed to be a blessing to mankind can prove or act as a curse?

Countries & human beings have come closer, hearts have moved apart. A handwritten letter full of affection has vanished; sms (messages) with emogees have come. Natural flowers with fragrance have gone; artificial flowers have flooded our society with no smell, only junk!

The fact is too much of use of such a convenience can cause addiction, depression, increase in stress levels, reduced concentration & productivity, problems in learning ability, damage to brain, vehicular accidents many time proving fatal. Excessive use of gadgets results in to sleepless nights, obesity, lack of attention in work or studies.

Many persons spend almost 8 hours in USA on screen! This was observed by Mr. Felix in 2014, USA painful thumb & fingers due to excessive use various devices. Tunnel vision in eyes, that’s because we keep on staring at the near object for hours on an end.

An average person checks his phone every six & half minute! Average teenager sends 3400 messages a month from bed then what about sleep!

It was Levi flex who came out with an idea of digital detoxification. He was from California. He founded a firm and started propagating an idea and also started offering retreats.

Benefits of Digital Detoxification:
1. Good / Sound mental health
2. Intimate human relationship saving them from disaster of break-up
3. Increased productivity, Better physical health, sound deep sleep, reduced eye complaints.
4. Scope for going to retreats & going back into the lap of Mother Nature from where we all have come but forgotten.
How to Detox ?
First of all resolve to adopt and understand the idea. Why you should detox? What are the advantagesyou are sure to get? Then comes how?
1. Be offline at least for some time
2. Vacation from Facebook to get reward of stress-free & happy life.
3. Limit the usage, control them before they control you
4. Switch them off at night time & rest hours
5. Prepare a list of hobbies and/or activities you would do if had saved time on moving away from smart gadgets? These hobbies you are not doing because you are tied up.
6. Decide and allocate a time frame for such enslaving gadgets. Start with small breaks say lunch time, & then slowly enhance the “No use of Gadgets” timings.
7. Discuss, resolve and decide among family and friends to abstain from it & if someone breaks the rule, let him have a penalty.
8. Keep them away from your bedroom & see the difference in the form of deep sleep
9. Driving with phone may mean driving for death, please remember. Be self-disciplined & mature to understand the importance of a risk you create.
10. Give attention to those who expect & deserve. You will also get it in turn.
11. No phones or computer when you eat. No usage either when you eat.
12. Declare to others what & why you are detoxing. They will understand, they will cooperate, they will mimic. Finally they may follow. Do well to others too.
Digitization has caused revolution – explosion. Something like the one created by invention of wheels. Let us use the assistant to our utmost advantage. It is answerable to us. It can’t& shouldn’t captivate us. Use it like a horse controlled by reins & not horse taking you anywhere & everywhere, where you never wanted to go.You were master of this great device- remain a master!
Clear do’s and don’ts in your mind. Enjoy advantage remain free from disadvantage.
Happy (monitored) digitization!

Kishor C Dubey (+91-9327768686)

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