125 crore plus of population and few medals.

125crore plus of population and few medals.


125crore plus brains but few inventions.


Lot many people with wonderful ideas but very few discovery, patents…



What could be the reason? Couple of factors affects the performance, I agree. But what could be the fundamental reason which Impacts the output.


One thing is crystal clear that any output requires an input. But if the output is not satisfactory or excellent then one should check the input.


If input is there but still output is negligible then we must check the quality, quantity, timing, compatibility and the process of input.


Let’s take an example of Cricket…YES cricket and films 2 things are very common and easily injectable in people in this part of the world.


If I am son of Sachin Tendulkar then it is but obvious that I am surrounded by Bat, ball, stumps, bells, gloves, commentaries and cricketers. Being son of sachin it is far easier for me to have access to all those costly and branded academies equipped with best coaches and equipment.


Whereas if I am in a village or small town with no background of cricket, no television at home (Forget equipment, I don’t even have shoes.) it becomes a dream to become a crickter. Comparatively it is too tough to fulfill that dream.


Here I need your attention towards those who advocates nurturing, environment, DNA, hereditary and so called quality upbringing.


Why Arjun Tendulkar is not performing?




How Pathan brothers, Munaf pate land many others performed?


Another example…


Same with Bachhan family….


Abhishek got every thing


Amitabh Bachhan…Millenium Star ( Sadi Ka Mahanayak)

Jaya Bachhan… (Talented actress)

Aishwarya… (She don’t need any intro)


Whereas Shahrukh Khan…


How Shahrukh became badshah (King Khan)


Can you blame the upbringing, DNA, Environment, nurturing or first chance (So called BREAK)


Rahul Gandhi is in queue…and many more to quote…


Intention is not to disrespect anybody but to save all those children who unknowingly waste their life by selecting anything which comesin their way or imposed by family.


If cricket is famous game…They got attracted  towardscricket….


If Films are earning and can give you name and fame… They book a ticket to Mumbai…


Is that the right way to fall into love with career or hobby?


Let me tell you there is a big confusion and believe me in this doldrums we forget Character.


Yes career and character both are important.However let us stick to the studies and career at this moment.


“Who is responsible?”


I am not here to judge but at the same time I would like to share very important aspects of such disasters. Relax I also have solutions…Yes I am with solutions.


Before I jump on solutions let me share a situation….


You are in need of blood and you are insisting that you want it from your best friend or Brother, but wait doctor says that their Blood group does not match with your blood group. Now what will you do?


Will you still force Doctor to do so?

NO, you will agree to doctor, just because you are also aware of that. Scientifically it can’t be done.


What happens to us when it comes to education, sports and co-curricular activities?


Try to observe our decisions. Family, friends, peers, environment, trend are the influencing factors. In many cases the victim is under tremendous pressure also.


This pressure and mismatch results in college dropout, suicides, addictions etc…


Can we improve the situation?


Can we take help of science while selecting and deciding subject selection, higher education, career, job, relationship etc.?


We are surrounded by science. Our life style is based on science. Our planet’s survival is based on science. So how can we ignore science while deciding for our loving children?


Let me share the science behind this. Dermatoglyphic is the answer. Every school and parents should know this.


Yes Dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test is the scientific way to handle such crucial situations in our life.


Dermatoglyphic is derived from ancient Greek words “Derma” meaning skin and “glyph” meaning carving, is the scientific study of fingerprints.


Now a days you find Aadhar card, biometric attendance system, biometric finger print scanner, finger print passwords, security etc.Even Department of Police, Immigration, FBI, CBI, CID etcare depended on finger prints while solving cases, issuing visas etc.


Dermatoglyphic is proven scientific method to decode the brain potential and talent through the physical formation of finger prints, which is linked to brain development. We at schoolywood.in implemented it and got tremendous results till date.

DMIT will unfold your truepotential, inborn talent, multiple intelligences, most suitable learning style & much more.We analyze and evaluate various parameters of your innate abilities to arrive upontheir inferences about you.


Accuracy is amazing.


Through DMIT you will find the answers to some of the most fundamental questions concerning you and your life.

Rest in next blog…

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